BoomRS are those who are Boomer Generation and those on the cusp, not so much an age as a mindset, getting together to take advantage of Center City life, events and activities, as well as social, spiritual and educational opportunities at RS. Singles and couples welcome.

Chairs:  Kay Braun and Patricia Isakowitz

Upcoming Events:

Cocktail Party Under the Stars
Sunday, June 23 at 5:00pm

Join BoomRS at the home of Kay & Rick Braun to celebrate another successful year!  Please bring finger food or desserts to share. BYOB.  RSVP to Patsy Herman. Family and friends welcome.


BoomRS In Transition
Read Fran Martin's article on the RJ Blog
Fran Martin's article was  published in a new URJ resource Moving to the Leading Edge: A URJ REsource and Discussion Guide to Move Your Congregation Forward. 

How Our Congregation Supports Baby Boomrs in Transition by Catherine Fischer (URJ Blog, 9/9/17)