Current Exhibit

Passages from dark to light by reena milner brooks

Work Statement
The genesis of this exhibition was an event that I attended with my family in June 2013 – the 20th Anniversary National Tribute to Holocaust Survivors and World War II Veterans at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.  At this event, a number of survivors and veterans recounted their stories of liberation at the end of World War II. Along with these personal stories of survival, Elie Wiesel spoke of his own experiences. He reminded everyone that WE MUST NEVER FORGET.

I was honored to be sitting with my mother, Edith Grunberger Milner, who had endured the atrocities of Auschwitz and survived. I knew then, that I would tell her story through my art. She had kindled my artistic spirit as a child and I hope that I have honored her story in these works.

Thank you Mom for your strength.

About the Artist
Reena Milner Brooks currently lives and works in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She was trained as a printmaker at Tyler School of Art. Her monotypes and silkscreens are manipulated using collage layered on printed works. These layers of collage include materials such as dress patterns, old magazine photos, maps and various documents that she has collected. Creating these layers of found materials seeks to enhance the underlying silkscreens to express the artist’s thoughts, emotion and energy to her viewer.