Upcoming Events at RS

Jewish Meditation--Join us!
Friday Shabbat Service Prep Meditation: 4:30-5:30pm weekly
Saturday Pre-Torah Study: 9:00-9:10am weekly

Support Group for Parents of Addicts and Alcoholics
Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday from 7-8:30pm

We welcome any parent, (grandparent, guardian) that has a child with drug and alcohol problem, dependency or addiction. We are not addiction specialists. We are simply parents helping other parents. We understand and support each other in our own recovery - not our childs’ recovery – OUR recovery. Sharing with each other helps us stop feeling so terribly alone, gain knowledge and strength and make clearer, better and more informed decisions
We meet to change our behavior—how we react to the addictive behavior of others. We share our stories, discuss various topics and, from time to time, have professionals in the recovery field inform us about treatment options. Sometimes, we invite addicts in recovery to share with us their stories. The format for our meetings is flexible. Respectfully,Members of the Philadelphia Caron Parents Support Groups.
For more information: https://www.caron.org/alumni/support-groups/parent-family or contact Rabbi Jill Maderer at 215-627-6747 x216 or [email protected].