Lunch & Learn

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 - 6:30pm


A Backpack, A Bear & Eight Crates of Vodka, by Lev Golinkin 

This year's selection for Philadelphia's One Book One Jewish Community
"takes the reader into the last great migration out of the USSR in 1989,
from a childhood in Soviet Ukraine through refugee camps in Europe and
beyond. The book explores the insidious power of hatred and
anti-Semitism, the meaning of identity, and the search for
self-awareness, all conveyed within the framework of a sweeping
history."  Jewish Book Council   A "hilarious and heartbreaking story of
a Jewish family's escape from oppression." New York Times

RSVP - Co- Chairs: Carole Wilder ([email protected]) & Ben Zion Friedman ([email protected])

Bring: A snack or beverage to share